Key features:
• Guaranteed impact: Bright and intense colours through light projected from interior
• Quick and easy assembly: Setting up and dismantling are done rapidly, without tools
• Lightweight and compact: Especially designed for easy transport and storage
What is included:
• 1 x set of PVC Plastic frame set
• 1 x high-quality printed polyester fabric with double-sided print (for 360ᵒ advertising exposure) or a single-sided graphic (with black or darker shade back fabric on reverse)
• 1 x piece of black canvas storage bag
Size Options:
• A: 1m x 2m (H) @ S$1,500 + GST
• B: 2m x 2m (H) @ S$2,100 + GST
• C: 3m x 2m (H) @ S$2,500 + GST
Portable LED Lightbox Display